David A. Jack

Genetic Genealogy & Research

My name is David Jack, a qualified professional genealogical researcher. I have successfully researched cases from New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Great Britain, & Ireland.

What services do we offer
We provide full research on a given ancestor(s), including information on their year of birth (parents & earlier forebears (depending on available records) & their places(s) of origin. We also offer support to those looking to explore their genetic genealogy. Other services include genealogy software installation & training (both Windows and Mac) with either Legacy 7, Reunion and Family Tree Maker. Genealogy charting for family reunions, genealogical website construction & hosting, old photo digital restoration, tuition on how to research your genealogy online and the production of either CDROM or DVDs.
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David A. Jack

Our Location

Office and archives are located at 17B Royal Arcade, Timaru, New Zealand. Plenty of parking nearby on Sophia Street.


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